During the awards evening, Master Nicola Fiasconaro delighted guests with his personal reinterpretation of the “Trionfo di Gola,” the baroque delicacy of the novel “Il Gattopardo”

The Gattopardo cake soon after in major foreign countries, and in the U.S. in particular

The “Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa” international Literary Prize, now in its 18th year was held in Santa Margherita di Belice (AG), within the splendid framework of the “Donnafugata del Gattopardo.” The leading figures of the evening also included Master Pastry Chefs Mario and Nicola Fiasconaro, of the namesake pastry company in Castelbuono (PA), which was granted a Special Award for “The Excellence of Sicilian Gastronomy in the World.” The prestigious honor was bestowed upon Master Nicola Fiasconaro for his ability to represent Made in Sicily in the world, with his Confectionery Art, synonymous with High-Level Pastry-Making and the continuity between tradition and innovation.

During the awards evening, Master Nicola Fiasconaro delighted guests with his personal reinterpretation of the “Trionfo di Gola” [Triumph of Gluttony], baroque delicacy and symbolic pastry, indispensable for the aristocracy, in the novel, “Il Gattopardo” [The Leopard].

The “Trionfo di Gola” according to Master Fiasconaro
Master Nicola Fiasconaro, together with his Team of Pastry Chefs, son Mario and the Pastry Chefs of the Agrigento area, revolutionized the original recipe of the “Trionfo di Gola,” a typical sweet of the Sicilian convent tradition served during aristocratic banquets, to give life to a cake renamed “Il Gattopardo.” His version of the famous pastry remained faithful to the ancient memory of flavors, alternating ricotta cream with layers of sponge cake, marzipan, marmalade and blancmange. The sweet was offered by Master Fiasconaro in individual portions specially created with a color scheme evocative of the “Gattopardo.”

“I wanted to give this work of art the proper recognition, reinterpreting the original recipe without losing the sweet’s identity, to adapt it to the tastes and nutritional demands of today,” commented Master Nicola Fiasconaro with satisfaction. “In order to obtain a balanced nutritional content, in keeping with the Mediterranean tradition, we reduced the sugars and achieved a better balance of fats. The great stars of the show, as always, are the raw materials, the true expressions of our land, lightened and contextualized in a contemporary tone.”

High-Level Pastry-Making Excellence that is aiming at American Export

The Fiasconaro bakery has made millions of people in the world experience and dream of Sicily, it has confirmed its Made in Italy excellence in the international markets and the first after Europe is the United States. “Our goal is to export the reinterpretation of the Trionfo di Gola to the major foreign countries, in particular, the United States, a market where we are especially connected and recognized, because this is a sweet that celebrates the origins of Sicilian culture and the history of our land. It is for this very reason that we are working together to create specifications which will regulate it, also at an international level,” concluded Master Nicola Fiasconaro.